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We had a 40sqm space, with en-suite just sitting there, connected to my existing studio/office/compound. What to do with this room? My wife and I brainstormed several options, including, but not limited to, a kids’ playroom, a home theatre, a wine cellar, to even renting it out to a local interpretive dance instructor. But he wears leotards that are just far too tight! So, in the end we decided it would make a great space to showcase my fine art photographs!

Our home gallery was born.

A space to showcase over 50 framed and matted pieces. A space where we can show you everything; talk to you about any part of what we do and take you round the bits and pieces no-one else gets to see. And if you like coffee, my Italian heritage will guarantee
I make you a decent brew.

So why not come and see the collection all under one roof; here in Sydney’s southern suburbs… otherwise I’ll be forced to give the keys to that interpretive dance instructor with his overly tight leotards, and there are some things you just can’t unsee!

If you can get here, viewing is by appointment only.

Only because I could be asleep and want to be ready… C’mon give me a break,
I was up before sunrise!

Drop me an email at
or call 0413 645 882 or the landline 9576 2277

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